Dio can you hear me?

(alrededor de 2:05)

Este otoño le diagnosticaron a Dio un cáncer de estómago. Sin embargo, este hombre no se rinde ante nada. Y sus fans tampoco. Hace unos días ha publicado un mensaje de agradecimiento en su página web.

Happy holidays everyone,

I’d like to take the time to thank everyone for the most wonderfull gifts I have ever received. The list includes your good wishes, your prayers, your support, your tears and laughter, your anger and rejoicing, and most of all the unwavering love you’ve bestowed upon me. I guess I’ve always felt that we were one person and that you’ve allowed me to be our spokesman, but until this time of my greatest peril the truth was perhaps slightly hidden. It is hidden no more. Together we’ shall face the foe and live on to climb higher mountains and explore greater magic. Together we cannot fail. Please accept my never ending love and dedication to you all. So it is written, and so it shall be.


Si quereis, vosotros también podeis mandarle vuestros mensajes de apoyo, vía correo analógico a su club de fans: Dio Fan Club, 12400 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 624 Studio City, CA 91604, o bien enviar un correo electrónico a getwellronnie@black-sabbath.com.